Minimalist water treatment

We approach water chemistry with a minimalist philosophy; a more deliberate, meaningful treatment program with less. Less waste, less chemical demand, less aggressive water, and less problems.

Next Generation Water Science is a focused brand of professional-grade speciality pool chemicals.

All Next Generation pool chemicals are NSF/ANSI Certified to Standard 50, the internationally recognized recreational water health and safety standard. That means no artificial fillers, and no long-term byproducts left behind in the water.

Beyond our products, we work with our authorized dealers to train and educate any and all customers on more meaningful water management practices. Much of this education does not involve our products at all…it’s just a different–simpler–way of thinking about water.

For example, did you know calcium hardness can buffer the saturation index of water, just like alkalinity? Or that many people often mistake calcium hydroxide (plaster dust) for scale? And as a result, they think they have too much calcium, when in fact they don’t have enough. Did you know that scale and etching can both be resolved by simply balancing your water according to the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)? Did you know we have a dosing calculator with a real-time LSI reading to help you manage your water properly?

We share our knowledge because it doesn’t belong to us. We all want better water quality, and if we can help you get there, we want to.

Waste not, want not

Next Generation Water Science is a licensed brand of Orenda Technologies, a company that was originally in the wastewater business. These products and formulas have since been modified for commercial swimming pools; their strength and reliability are unmatched in the aquatics industry. Given the potency of our products, they are used in smaller doses than one might expect. It fits with our minimalist pool treatment philosophy.

Through our network of trained authorized dealers, you can expect consistent results when using Next Generation Water Science products. Our dealers have the service expertise to support you when you need it, and to help you obtain the most trouble-free pool possible.

minimalist water takes enzymes

AAD enzyme purge

Next Generation Water Science is a licensed brand of Orenda Technologies