SDS Sheet

CCE – Chitosan Clarifier with Enzymes

CCE is our chitosan-based clarifier. For more strength and the ability to cut through oils and bather waste, we included our enzyme to the formula. Most pool clarifiers are synthetic polymer blends, but CCE clarifier is truly all-natural. And no, there are no dyes in it.

That said, if you do use a clarifier, here are some stats about CCE that set it apart from the rest.

  • No synthetic polymers or dyes
  • Our formula is chitosan-based. Chitosan floats in the top several inches of the pool and waits for particles to attract to and coagulate. Unlike synthetic polymers, chitosan will not instantly floc everything to the bottom. It coagulates and allows the filter to capture it.
  • All-natural, and drinking water safe (Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60).
  • Added enzyme allows for it to break down non-living organics for far more strength and versatility.

CCE is compatible with other chemicals

If you are converting a pool from traditional pool management to the Next Generation program, the clarifier can help with the transition. Part of the switch from traditional to minimalist pool care is using CPR phosphate remover to knock out phosphates early on. With phosphate removal comes cloudy water, at least for 24-48 hours. CCE clarifier, however, can help clear the cloudiness sooner.

The clarifier also gives the AAD enzyme purge a jump-start on dealing with non-living organics in the water. These organics tend to float (which is why we see grease and oils at the water’s surface). CCE has some enzyme in it to begin the process of breaking those surface oils.