SDS Sheet

CPR – Concentrated Phosphate Remover

CPR is our concentrated phosphate remover, formulated to react with orthophosphates in pool water. The process works like this: pour in the correct dose of CPR around the perimeter of the swimming pool, and it will begin to cloud up the water. The reaction occurs almost immediately. The higher your phosphate level, the cloudier the water will become.

CPR reacts with phosphates on contact and crystallizes them. The crystallized phosphates are then heavier than water and floc out of solution (sink to the bottom). The result is a fine white power-looking substance all over the bottom of the pool, and some will inevitably be caught in the filter too. Give the reaction at least 24 hours, and for larger commercial pools, up to 48 hours. Then vacuum the sediment to waste, and backwash the filter to remove whatever was caught in there.

CPR is an annual dose product, or as-needed

It is very easy to overdose CPR, so be careful. A little goes a long way. Follow the dosing instructions on the bottle, or use our mobile app to know exactly how much to put in at at time.  Note: Do not exceed four (4) ounces per 10,000 gallons at a time in a commercial pool. Our dosing calculator is set up for a maximum of 4 oz./10,000 gallons at a time, though it may take you more than once to get the phosphate levels all the way down. We recommend limiting the concentration you put in the water because of the stress it can put on your filter.

In most cases phosphate levels are below 1200 ppb. If your levels are higher than that, contact us or your local authorized dealer for advice on how to use CPR at higher concentrations. It can be done, but please do so carefully. It is a powerful product and highly concentrated.