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How to Winterize a Commercial Swimming Pool

When summer ends, outdoor pools face an inevitable change in water chemistry. This change is driven by water temperature’s negative impact on water balance, as measured using the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) or Ryznar Stability Index (RSI). This article covers how to winterize a commercial pool to prevent problems like etching, calcite crystallization, winter dust, […]

Ways to Reduce Chlorine Demand

Chlorine demand is a common concern for commercial pools. Is your swimming pool consuming more chlorine than you would like, or more than it should be? There are many reasons why this can happen, so in this article we’ll explain a few of them, and offer a remedy for each. What reduces chlorine? Chlorine has […]

Why remove phosphates?

Why remove phosphates? Just a few years ago, phosphates were a topic of debate in the swimming pool industry. Do they really matter? Are they fake news? Why is everyone talking about them, when they were never a problem ‘back in the day’?  Let’s get into it.

Calcium Phosphate Scale

Unless it has happened to you, it is tough to comprehend how severe of a problem calcium phosphate scale can be. Calcium phosphate is no ordinary scale (calcium carbonate); it is both physically harder, and harder to remove when it forms. On the Moh’s 1-10 scale of mineral hardness, normal calcium carbonate (calcite) is a […]

How to prevent metal stains and discoloration in swimming pools

Do you have metals in your tap water? Have you ever filled a pool and had the water get discolored when you added chlorine for the first time? If so, do you know why that happened? And more importantly, do you know how it can be prevented? Dissolved metals are commonly found in tap water […]

Combined Chlorine, Chloramines and Ammonia

Combined chlorine is a concern shared by commercial pool operators worldwide. But what is combined chlorine? How does combined chlorine form? Is combined chlorine the same as chloramines? If not, what’s the difference between combined chlorine and chloramines? The science is advanced, but as usual, we are here to distill the information down and simplify […]

How to remove and prevent scum lines

Scum lines are very common in pools In our business (commercial swimming pools), almost every pool has a scum line. Yes, even gutter pools can have them. For the sake of this article, let’s define a scum line as a visible layer of deposits at the water level that adhere to surfaces: walls, ladders, rails, tile […]

MSI: One very dynamic pool chemical

Meaningful pool care in more ways than one Think of the most dynamic pool chemical you know of. What does it do? When we think of the word “dynamic”, it suggests multiple uses and a range of positive results. Metal & Scale Inhibitor (MSI), to us, is one very dynamic pool chemical. It serves many functions, […]

Enzymes on an automated feed pump

  Automated feed pump technology is simple, yet wonderfully dynamic. We at Next Generation Water Science encourage all of our commercial pool customers to feed their maintenance dose of our AAD Enzymes via an automated feed pump. Yes, you could pour in the weekly maintenance dose every week, but if you have automation, why? Feed pumps […]