Start Up – New Plaster

Based on 10,000 gallons

First thing’s first

TEST YOUR FILL WATER. Test it for pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. Use our LSI calculator app to determine how much calcium flake and other adjusters you will need to have on site for start up.

Day 1

  • Add 1 Quart of MSI to pool after 4 inches of water has filled (32 oz. /10,000 gallons)
  • Adjust pH, Alkalinity & Calcium to ideal range according to NPC guidelines
    • pH-7.4-7.6, Alk-80-120, Cal-200-400
  • Brush, Vacuum (not a wheeled vacuum) & Run Pool

Day 2

  • Adjust pH, Alkalinity & Calcium to ideal LSI range
  • Brush and vacuum (not a wheeled vacuum) as needed.

Day 3 – Day 5

  • Add Chlorine – no more than 3-5 ppm
    • 1 gallon of Liquid Chlorine will raise chlorine level 10 ppm /10,000 gallons
  • Continue to make adjustments to pH, Alkalinity & Calcium to keep LSI balanced.
  • Add the startup dose of AAD enzymes (32 oz. /10,000 gallons)
  • Brush and vacuum (not a wheeled vacuum) as needed

Week 2 – Week 4

  • Normal Maintenance – Adjust all chemicals to ideal range
  • Add 4-5 ounces of AAD (residential pools) and 5-10 ounces of AAD (commercial pools), adjusting amount for higher bather load and continue weekly maintenance dosing.
  • Add 3 ounces of MSI, for continued Metal & Scale protection and continue weekly maintenance

30 Days +

  • Check phosphates and treat with CPR (no more than 8 oz. /10,000 gallons).  Clean filter as needed (watch pressure).  Continue to treat weekly until phosphates are below 200ppb.
  • Test for phosphates quarterly


Next Generation Water Science encourages you to follow the National Plasterer’s Council startup guidelines with one exception: know how much calcium you will need, and have it on site for day 1. Do not wait days to put it in, and get the calcium up above 250ppm as soon as possible.